3 room resales renovation

3 Room Resales Renovation

Resale renovations are crucial for your home resale prospects as it has the potential to increase the home value and enable you to quote a higher price to the buyer. MRD is an expert in correcting flaws and introducing new additions to your old resale home and engineering significant increase in the overall value of the property. Our interior designers are expert in suggesting valuable new additions so your old home brings in more than what you expect from the resale deal. Here are some tips on how you could make important additions to your 3 room Resales renovationand thus increase the value of your old property.

Kitchen renovation

It is the most used component of any home, and it would attract the most attention from the buyer. Most of your kitchen renovation will be taken up by cabinetry. Traditional style high quality cabinetry is much touted as it allows potential buyers to renew kitchen according to their taste. If you give neutral colors to cabinetry it will offer you more options.

Bathroom renovation

If you are renovating your bathroom with resale in your mine, you don’t need to be specifically stylish. It is better to keep things functional and simple. White and grey marble for floors and subway tiles for walls would be an appropriate choice. Most owners have this misconception that being overtly expensive will provide better results. If it is a resale renovation then you should keep things neutral and simple.

Flooring renovation

If you think carpeting wall to wall will make a great impression on buyers, just forget it because it could be a turn-off. It is difficult to clean carpet of such expanse so most people will shun it. They will like the floor to be real and wooden floor gives them the option. However it has certain drawbacks like sensitive to moisture, so opting for vinyl, laminate or ceramic tiles is a better option.

Ceiling renovation

Low ceilings make rooms smaller and congested where as high ceilings make rooms look roomier and eventually increase the value of homes. You get more usable square footage by increasing the height by extra inches. When you are renovating ceiling keep the room height as high as possible, as it allows you to display artwork, hang fabric and obtain more natural light.

Do not try DIY

If you are looking at the angle of saving money by the DIY stuff, then it may not work. you can limit the DIY to painting, repairing small damages, installing decorations etc. Major works like the above mentioned for 3 room Resales renovation must be only dealt by professionals such as our interior design experts who got the ability and capability to increase your home value to manifold.