3 Bedded Interior Design

3 Bedded Interior Design

The paint scheme is the most important part of your 3 bedded interior design as it could turn out to be the element of happiness or sorrow depending on what you have chosen. There are a whole lot of paint colors and variations that you can pick from but have to choose right ones for each section that it makes a fine blend of colors and happiness. So first lean the world of colors and finishes before going in search for the right finishes.

While coming to the part of choosing paints, it is not all about colors as there are finishes to contend with. The finish could make the difference and transform the room completely based on whether it is a glossy finish or matte or any other hue in between.  You must understand the basics of these finished before you finalizing on the paint color and texture as the added layer could make a huge difference in quality and appearance. Know it from the experts or learn from experienced and as an experienced interior design company MRD excels in choosing the right color and texture to give the finish that our client’s interior space requires.

Flat Finish

A flat finish is non-reflective and can absorb light quite effectively shielding the scratches and bumps of the surface where it is applied. The draw back with flat is that it is hard to clean and applying in high traffic areas will be counterproductive. Good for non-traffic areas such as formal sitting room or office.

Eggshell Finsih

It is the popular finish which is neither shiny nor completely matte but provides a velvety appearance. It is easier to clean than flat finish and it glows a little when the lights are on. it is not very tough but is better in hiding blemishes and you can easily remove it if it is imperfectly finished. This paint is ideal for bedrooms, living rooms and other surfaces while it comes out as a better player in durability.

Satin Finish

It provides the best finish and is the most durable coating of paint found in the annals of paints. It lies in the middle of the sheen spectrum as it is neither overtly reflecting like eggshell nor non-shiny like semi-gloss. It is easy to clean and hides bumps on the walls well. This paint will go well with your 3 bedded interior designbathrooms or wet rooms which are devoid of sunlight.


Semi-gloss finish is the middle happy ground that you could choose as it is easy live in with its sleek persona. It is shinier than satin finish, and couples well with other finishes when used it for accent. It you want durability and a little shine to go with semi-gloss could be your choice. However it could reveal imperfections rather easily. Good for crown molding, high traffic areas such as bathroom and kitchen.

You will be able to know more about these finishes when you talk to our interior design team over phone or over chat.